The HYPE Hotels is a young trendy hospitality collaboration based in Bangkok and Bali that creates unordinary and unexpected story-worthy boutique hotels & resorts, unique brands, travel moments, uncommon human connections, and “Live Like a Local” guest experiences with a passion to give back.


Our boutique hotel & resort brands offer friendliness, cleanliness, virtual lobbies with apps and some great sleeping spots to lie down on whether it is a bed, a hammock, or sleeping bag, futon or whatever it is that the locals may well use!

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The HYPE recognize that bringing people together is at the heart of everything we do. Our boutique brands with smart positioning are delivering concepts that have both, life and adventure, and are places with a soul.

The HYPE believes the way to compete with the sharing industry and future technologies that might emerge is to do those things they cannot do. This is communal entertainment, compliance with fire, life and safety standards and security. The HYPE believes in creating boutique hotels and resorts with a STORY that includes co-living & co-working spaces, curated socialising and inspiring communal flexible spaces, whilst rooted in local area experiences and surroundings.

We Know Hotels and Understand Lifestyle Travel

How we work


The Start-up Process

Tell us your ideas and we will quickly match you with a perfect brand, or create a new white label brand, to plan your upcoming project.


Development Stages

Our expert team will collaborate with you, allowing you to focus on your own business, whilst we create a truly inspiring property.


The Final Product

Our expert team allows you to focus on your own business, whilst we design, construct and manage your property.

Key Locations

Our aim is to bring The HYPE hotels and resorts to gateway cities and key resort destinations in South East Asia, India, The Coral Triangle and Europe.

The HYPE founders are well known for their dramatic award-winning architecture, interior designs, hotel strategic management, operations, social and spa & wellness concepts. The HYPE is on the way to build a presence in gateway cities and resort destinations around Asia, Australia, Europe and Indian Subcontinent. Our brand portfolio consists of Panca Indera, The Hype, JOEWY and Hippie Hideouts.

Panca Indera

Eco-Luxury Resorts


Hip & Affordable Basecamp


Gentle On The Wallet


Hipsters Eco-Lodging

Have Fun Doing This!

See below a daring video of the steep, almost vertical, climb down to the stunning Kelingkling Beach on Nusa Penida of Bali Island. Our proposed Hippie Getaway will be able to provide safe and secure views from our cliff terrace club and swimming pool looking directly at the beach.


A Look Inside The HYPE

The HYPE team has been involved in many hotel and resort developments in South East Asia and beyond. We know all the pitfalls and are able to offer affordable branding and development solutions to our clients and investors.

The HYPE believes in creating a STORY that includes co-living & co-working, curated socialising and a certain vibe communal flexible spaces, whilst rooted in local area experiences and vibes.

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Your Expert Team

The HYPE founders Bert Bykes and Por Samrej have actively for decades worked on many iconic branded projects in the hospitality industry. We develop, design, brand, operate hotels and resorts.

Bert Bykes

Creative Director

Por Samrej

Head of Design

Giles Anslow-Wilson

Operational Wizkid

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